Another update. Three new palettes, a new font and a Spanish language.


Time for some new stuff. A new NASCAR Racing 2003 season soundset from Crazyboy335, a Japanese palette by NicolasP and a German/Deutsch language file from RobertRacer.


I have been out of the GR world for a while and haven't noticed that the site went off-line due to my host provider ceased to exist. I have moved the site to a new location and hopefully I will stay here for some time :)


A new font named Ubuntu by XYY.


Two new fonts by Ryumi and update of the Danish language file by Razzoy.


This time a little "off topic". I (this site) decided to join the Internet defense league as I believe that we all need to do something to protect the internet - Make sure the internet never loses. Ever!


I have added a Czech / Čeština language file, made by Ivo Porč (aka Trigger Happy). I would also like to invite you to visit the new new developer blog regarding the upcoming GR sequel. Make sure you don't miss any news about it ;)


GeneRally needs you! James Burgess, one of the developers of GeneRally and of its sequel is asking the entire community to take a small survey to help them better understand the needs/desires for the upcoming GR sequel.

You can read his entire post here!


I have added 3 new wallpapers, made by Kikwik and resir014!


I made some changes to the site design and fixed some issues with the site search function plus some code clean up. I have also uploaded two new soundset by Black Rebel (David García) and one new font by Ryumi. Check them out!


Another font added. It is Courier New - Old Typewriter by Madd Dogg.


Added another sound-set made by Brix. Its space time!


Added akouk`s ADAC Rally Engine & ambient sounds. Enjoy!


Its been a while since the last update since I was quite busy with non-GeneRally related stuff. Today I present to you the new GeneRally Archives "look" and a brand new sponsor ;). I have also added two new languages by Maciej1 and Kn0x. Don’t forget to submit any of your GR creations (if you still haven’t) and to invite your friends to do the same.


Some new fonts uploaded by JWong, a palette by zgr and a wallpaper from Crono. Enjoy!


Two new fonts now available. The WRC and F1 international coverage font, both made by Ryumi.


Site opened to public.


Site uploaded for testing.

What is GeneRally?

GeneRally is a great, small racing game created by Hannu und Jukka Räbinä It's for one to six players - human or computer opponents. Because it's widely customisable, there is a large resource of tracks, cars and championships you can take part, but also invites you to realize your own visions.

About GeneRally Archives

In January of 2010 I got his idea of creating GeneRally palettes archive and after some time in Autumn of 2011 I decided to expand it into GeneRally Archives.

The main idea is to gather together in one place various GR stuff that usually don't need :) A GR junkyard where you can find almost everything apart from tracks and cars.

This site is not aiming to replace the main GR forums but rather to expand the availability of GR stuff. Here you can find also various files that were lost during RSC crashes.

Some info about this site:

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  • created using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004
  • tested with Opera, Chrome and ie
  • opened to public on 8.11.2011
  • forum thread for any suggestions or ideas
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