Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: I have downloaded the palette I like. Now what? How do I make it work?
  • A: After you downloaded the .zip file containing the palette, unzip it and move the .pal file to a (new) folder (I suggest you name it "Palettes") inside the main GeneRally folder. Then use the program you like to change the palette before starting GR. You can find more info about programs in the palettes section.
  • Q: I didn't found any palette that I like. Can I make one myself?
  • A: Sure thing! You can find more info how to create your own palette in the palettes section. And don't forget to submit the .pal file to the GeneRally palettes archive ;)
  • Q: Someone here uploaded a palette that is just a small deviation of my own submitted before. I clearly stated in the readme file that I don't allow my palette to be used as a base for other palettes without my permission. What can I do?
  • A: Well, even though I manually upload each submitted palette, I don't check for such things (unless its clearly obvious from the look of the palette). If I find that the submitted palette is just a small deviation of an existing palette and the author does not have a written permission of the original author, than I will remove such palette from the site. In case of any doubts, the matter will be discussed on the forum and decided by the GR community.
  • Q: I'm creating a palette but I'm not satisfied with it. I need some feedback and ideas how to improve it.
  • A: I suggest you create a thread on the forum about your palette so the GR community can help you out with feedback and some fresh ideas.
  • Q: I have created some palettes and I have released them on the forum as a palette pack. Can I submit them as a palette pack here as well?
  • A: Yes, you can submit them as a PP here as well.
  • Q: I have created a palette and I'm ready to submit it to this site. Should I include a readme file in the zip along with the palette? Is this mandatory?
  • A: Including the readme file is not mandatory but I strong suggest to do so. What can happen if you don't? Ex.: Someone would like to use your palette for a competition but he cant find any info about distributing permissions or any email to contact you; Someone would like to use your palette as a base for his own but he is not sure if he can; Someone would like to post your palette on his GR site but he is not sure if he can; Someone would like to know who the hell made this great palette any would like to offer you a drink ;)...
  • Q: There are so many palettes here that I cant find the one that I'm looking for. What can I do?
  • A: There two ways to find what you seek. Use the site search function which you can find on the right side of the site or use the "always present" find function of the browser. Press and hold the "Control" key and than press the "F" key. A search/find box will pop up. Simply type the desired word and the search box will wind it for you.

If you cant find here the answers for your questions than please visit the forums for more info

What is GeneRally?

GeneRally is a great, small racing game created by Hannu und Jukka Räbinä It's for one to six players - human or computer opponents. Because it's widely customizable, there is a large resource of tracks, cars and championships you can take part, but also invites you to realize your own visions.

About GeneRally Archives

In January of 2010 I got his idea of creating GeneRally palettes archive and after some time in Autumn of 2011 I decided to expand it into GeneRally Archives.

The main idea is to gather together in one place various GR stuff that usually don't need :) A GR junkyard where you can find almost everything apart from tracks and cars.

This site is not aiming to replace the main GR forums but rather to expand the availability of GR stuff. Here you can find also various files that were lost during RSC crashes.

Some info about this site:

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