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What is the language file?

These files with extension .lng will allow you to change the GeneRally in game language. Originally you have only two .lng files available: English and Finnish (Suomi). These files can be found in the "lang" sub folder of the main GeneRally folder.

Using language files...

Is quite easy.

  • download the language of choice, unzip it and move it in the "Lang" sub folder of the main GeneRally folder. You should now have a that .lng file visible in that folder (ex. danish.lng...)
  • start GR and then go to the menu Options>Advance and click on the name of the language currently in use (ex. English). A small window will popup showing all the languages available.
  • Select the one you would like to use and enjoy it :)

Creating language files...

Is easy as well. Just follow the next steps:

  • Open English.lng in any text editor (ex. Notepad)
  • Use it as template as you create your custom language file. Just translate the english words into your mother language
  • Save with different file name (ex. custom.lng)
  • Keep testing the .lng file in game in order to find bugs or senseless translations
  • Don't forget to submit it to this site when its done ;)
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