Submit your creations...

Submitting your creations is very easy. Simply zip your files along with the readme file (I strongly suggest you include one) and send it to me.

Below I wrote some general points which indicates what kind of info you should include in the mail.

  • your name (your real name, a forum username, any other nickname,...)
  • name of your creation(s)
  • short description of your creation(s)
  • (non mandatory) keywords about your creation(s)
  • (non mandatory) a link to your GeneRally website for your promotion :)
  • (non mandatory) a link to a forum thread (if there is one) where you already posted your work and where the GR community can comment your stuff.
  • and don't forget to attach the zip containing your work ;)

If something isn't clear (maybe because of language problems) feel free to contact me anytime (in simple words if you are not familiar with the english language) and we will work things out together.

What is GeneRally?

GeneRally is a great, small racing game created by Hannu und Jukka Räbinä It's for one to six players - human or computer opponents. Because it's widely customizable, there is a large resource of tracks, cars and championships you can take part, but also invites you to realize your own visions.

About GeneRally Archives

In January of 2010 I got his idea of creating GeneRally palettes archive and after some time in Autumn of 2011 I decided to expand it into GeneRally Archives.

The main idea is to gather together in one place various GR stuff that usually don't need :) A GR junkyard where you can find almost everything apart from tracks and cars.

This site is not aiming to replace the main GR forums but rather to expand the availability of GR stuff. Here you can find also various files that were lost during RSC crashes.

Some info about this site:

  • created by Dejan Berginc a.k.a. LongBow : www :
  • created using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004
  • tested with Opera, Chrome and ie
  • opened to public on 8.11.2011
  • forum thread for any suggestions or ideas
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